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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone once again put paparazzi to good use
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are making the most of their celeb status, helping to raise awareness for various charities through paparazzi photos. When the couple spotted photographers outside the Manhattan restaurant they were dining at Tuesday …
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Paparazzi in the Hamptons Hunt Kardashians by Land and Sea
Happy almost-Fourth of July: paparazzi have created a flotilla outside of the Kardashians' vacation house in the Hamptons, bearing megalenses and trying to get photos of the Kardashians doing stuff. America! I think that several photographers immersing …
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Kris Jenner And Chris Rock Have An Awkward Moment After Dinner
First she went in for a hug, and while Chris was a good sport about it, his face said it all when Kris stuck around for a few photo ops. Maybe daughter Kendall wasn't so out of line in calling her a "desperate f*cking wh*re"? I mean, can we have more …
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Daniel Henney, Paparazzi Photos While Walking His Dog
Internet users who saw this commented, "It looks like a photo shoot when he's just walking his dog", "So handsome", and "He matches Hollywood so well". © 2014 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission. View All daniel henney …
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This Week's Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Matt Bomer, Prince
Oh, you guys. Get ready cause we've got some magical things in store for you in this week's silliest and scariest celebrity photos! Like, I don't know if the celebrities got the memo that they've been letting me down for the past couple of weeks or …
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FIFA World Cup: Nude photos distract Croatia's Cup campaign
Croatia players jog during a team training at in Manaus ahead of their game against Cameroon. Since the paparazzi photos were published by Croatian media over the weekend, players have refused to speak to the media. (Source: Reuters) …
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Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman Outfox Paparazzi With Cardboard Signs
Well, the couple took their dogs for a walk in New York and, with cameramen in hot pursuit, held cardboard signs advertising charities in front of their faces, taking a page from Stone and Garfield's playbook. Hathaway's read, “Emma Stone and Andrew …
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Through the paparazzo's lens
The traveling exhibition "Paparazzi!" at the Shirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt through October 12, presents 600 paparazzi photos that have gone down in the history books. Exhibition visitors enter via a red carpet while the whirr of a crowd can be heard …
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This Week's Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Channing Tatum
And we've got plenty of silly and scary faces you in this week's gallery! (Although this week was more silly heavy, that scary). I mean, isn't just looking at that photo of Channing Tatum making you happy already? That's what I thought. So launch the …
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This Week's Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Jude Law, Pamela
As I mentioned earlier this week, we're obviously including Jude Law and his crazy face. It just brings me so much joy when I see him like this. But Jude wasn't the only one being silly this week–there were plenty of others! In fact, there were even …
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Jessica Simpson Makes Hiding From The Paparazzi Look Hot
… been working hard on since becoming a Weight Watchers spokesperson. Simpson has been documenting her weight loss journey through a series of sexy pics, including a hot snap that showed the blond bombshell posing in a curve-hugging black dress.
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Why Paparazzi Are Good for Us

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Why Paparazzi Are Good for Us
The paparazzi's quest for raw, candid photos places them, as photography scholar Carol Squires argues, “outside the bounds of polite photography.” There is an anti-aesthetic to paparazzi photographs that rejects the “official,” glamorous views of the …
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Kim Kardashian Checks Paparazzi Trying To Wake Up North West [Photos]
Kim Kardashian obviously knows what she signed up for by tying the knot with Kanye West.The life of love, marriage and baby carriages has its price when you can't even walk a second without cameras flashing in your face. The celebrity couple's …
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Justin Bieber In Minor Car Crash After Paparazzi Chase In Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)
This isn't the first time Bieber's name has been involved in a paparazzi collision. Last year, a paparazzo was hit by a car and killed after taking photos of the singer's car. After the accident, the pop star called for “meaningful legislation” to …
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Kaley Cuoco Mocks Her Own Paparazzi Pics
When Kaley saw the paparazzi pics from her Cabo vacay, she thought it was worth mentioning that we were seeing both ends of the spectrum when it came to the photos of her butt. "Dear paparazzi, TY for managing to capture the best and WORST angles of …
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Paparazzi photos: Miss Virginia After Party, Lakefest SML
Pictured at the Miss Virginia After Party: Lorena Wilson of Roanoke, Susan Midkiff of Roanoke and Angela Moore of Radford. Posted: Monday, June 30, 2014 7:00 am. Paparazzi photos: Miss Virginia After Party, Lakefest SML By The Roanoke Times roanoke.
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Best Hollywood Diets

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Celebrities have always been idolized not just because of their performances but primarily because of their looks and their very well maintained bodies. Common people just dream of having a figure like these celebrities. It is actually a miracle how the celebrities shed off impressive amounts of pounds and get in shape in the quickest possible time. The answer to these questions lay in the diets that these celebrities follow. It is also important to note that there are some factors that motivate these celebrities to keep in shape. These are:

1. Incentive: the celebrities have nearly a 7-figure payout. This payout is for their looks and their glamour. Thus it acts as a strong incentive point to motivate them to keep their bodies toned and maintained. So to lose weight one must have a strong personal incentive.

2. Support: celebrities can have the best in the world and this applies to the weight loss support from nutrition experts, dieticians and trainers. As they have access to all the luxuries in the world, they can afford to hire the best of trainers who would chalk out diet plans and exercises as per individual needs.

Here are the tips that most Hollywood celebrities follow in order to look like the way they do:

A. No eating: it seems that many celebrities suffer from eating disorders. Many of them think that if they will eat, they would become fat and lose their job to others.

B. Workout as per the need: the celebrities tend to exercise as per the need. They adjust themselves to their character and workout as the need arises.

C. Surgery: if at all the diet plans cannot be followed, the celebrities always have the option of going under the knife, meaning going for a surgery. Surgery is always there as a backup plan when the weight does not goes off naturally.

D. Cross training: even if a celebrity is motivated enough to exercise, he goes in for a variety of workout plans rather than sticking to one. This eases the monotony and brings a fresh approach to exercising.

E. Only natural food: the diet plans of mostly all celebrities consist of natural foods and white flour foods are out of the equation. Processed white sugar and white food such as breads, cakes and candies are a big no-no.

F. Muscle building: most male celebrities are more concerned with muscle building than weight watching. The muscle to fat balance is what is important.

G. Yoga: many celebrities have realized the benefits of some of the Indian form of exercising such as yoga. Yoga not only rejuvenates the body, but also the mind and soul. Celebrities are fast realizing the importance of yoga and have hired personal yoga teachers to train them.

It is true that these well-toned celebrities are more motivated than others, but it is actually a part and parcel of their profession. Nobody would like to watch an ugly unfit person on the screen. So, it is natural for them to be extra-caring and careful for their bodies. Another fact is that they do have more time and money than the rest of the world. They can get the best of personal trainers and health experts to guide them through their weight losing regime.

In a series of articles available at http://www.generationweightloss.blogspot.com
Michael Desire recommends weight loss programs, which are going to let his readers in on the dieting techniques that work, and advise them to avoid dieting techniques that are both unhealthy and counterproductive

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Current Hollywood News

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Hollywood is the place of actors and actress who always bring some latest news whether it is new film releases or breakups. Thus, it is the place of multiple gossips and movie reviews for the people. Most of the entertainment news that appeals people comes from the Hollywood fraternity. Thus, Hollywood news covers each aspect of the actor and actress activity including movie reviews. It comes under the entertainment news banner that provides inside news of the favorite actors and actress of the people. When it comes to cover the entertainment news of India news, it would be the Bollywood, place of the actor and actress.


Hollywood news is really the most familiar news section among the people as it grabs the attention of the people instantly. People love watching the gossips of the film industry such as which actor engaged with which actress and what happens in the films etc. People spend their maximum time on the news listening to the news regarding their favorite Hollywood stars and Bollywood stars including their films. However, in some cases entertainment news provide some vital news such as movie review which is really important for people to get idea of new release films.


Having latest information about the new release films people can decide to watch that particular movie or not. Moreover, some of the media personnel exhibits the inside story of actor and actress such as what they like and dislike in their personal life and multiple other aspects of their personal life. The media personnel whether from print media or electronic media must cover news that amuse and entertain people properly. India news cover Bollywood including the interviews of the actor and actress including the film making. Moreover, they provide some unseen shots of the movies to the people.


Overall, India news is especially for covering the Bollywood and Hollywood news cover the Hollywood news. However, both news media deliver some international entertainment news that includes both streams. The most vital part of the entertainment news from the people perspectives is movie reviews as it provide brief idea of the newly released film to the people. Therefore, people always keep updating themselves with the latest entertainment news whether it is Hollywood news or Bollywood news.  There are multiple news channels available that provide entertainment news especially to the people whether it is print media or broadcasting media, both have special coroner for entertainment news.




Find Hollywood News, movie reviews and India News on every topic at jagran.post .com.

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Hollywood Away from California

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All of these have been settings to various big-budgeted films that have graced the silver screen in the recent years. However, little do we know that even the smallest of countries can play hosts to these international productions- including an archipelago of seven islands. Malta, the famed island country off the strip of Sicily in Italy, has been home to these movies in the recent years. Due to lush greens as well as almost perfect sceneries, Malta is slowly becoming the next film capital in the Mediterranean. To movie fans around the world, as significant as the actors themselves is the location for the shoot. It gives the feeling of being in the right setting and it’s also provides the natural feel of the movie. It, basically, adds to the whole sense and belief in the story because other than the characters, the backdrop has been also brought to life.

Malta, being the next film frontier of Europe, is a testament to the natural beauty of the Mediterranean. That is why, Imaginamalta makes it a point promote Malta via its website. Several screenshots of the famed Malta hotels, its landmarks and its scenery are strikingly exposed in order to encourage people to leave the comforts of their homes and schedule a Malta tours. Several Malta accommodations are also strategically placed in the website to ensure a worthwhile stay for the soon-to-be guests of the country. A tab dedicated solely to Malta provides a comprehensive review of the country, its people, its cuisine, its culture and its heritage. It is concrete proofs of the novelty Malta holidays bring to the world.

For budding filmmakers along with film lovers in general, Malta should be in your next itinerary because it offers not only a chance to be in the past sets of blockbuster movies but also an opportunity to put into film the famed natural creations that has made Malta what it is now. It is one of the richest in the world in terms of natural wonders – a perfect milieu to your home video, an ideal background to your candid pictures and the ultimate feast for the eyes.

Let Imaginamalta book your next Malta tours. We offer not only the best Malta hotels nor the best accommodations in Malta but also a prospect of filling your galleries with luminescent pictures radiating with color and vibrancy. We will pack your film archives with memorable scenes from your very own movies. We will almost guarantee a probability of capturing the sights only known to the movies and films you have watched over the years.

Only in www.imaginamlata.com do you get than rare chance- your very own film via our Malta tours because your next Malta accommodation in your Malta hotels could be your next film!

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Hollywood?s oddest couples

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It seems that Hollywood couples have their ways of dating, uniting, getting married, and most often separating. Some pairs might become the most unusual couples. Others found marital bliss, which is likely to make people feel a little better about their own relationship preferences.


Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood have had a rocky relationship since their first dating in 2006. It was reported that the couple split in 2008, then reconciled, and broke up again. Marilyn Manson reportedly proposed to Evan Rachel Wood during a performance in Paris.


Marilyn Manson reportedly proposed to Evan Rachel Wood during a performance in Paris.



Jesse James and Sandra Bullock tied the knot after knowing one another for a couple of years. However, their divorce was finalized in Texas citing “discord or conflict of personalities” on 28 June 2010. James had an affair with tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.


The couple got married in 2005.


54-year old actor Billy Bob Thornton and actress Angelina Joilie got married in 2000 and filed for divorce in 2003. They carried each other’s blood around their necks in lock.


Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton adopted a baby boy from Cambodia.


Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera, who started dating in 2002, tied the knot and had a traditional wedding in November 2005. They announced the birth of their son, Max Liron Bratman.


Christina Aguilera confirmed that she was pregnant in April 2007.



Clive Owen, who famous for his roles in movies Closer, Sin City, and Inside Man, fell in love with Sarah Jane while playing Romeo. The couple got married in 1995 and had two daughters.


The couple got married in 1995


Tom Cruise launched a campaign tow win Katie Holmes’ heart after auditioning the starlet for “Mission Impossible III”. In spite of 16-year age difference, the couple married in 2006 and had a daughter Suri.


Tom Cruise launched a campaign tow win Katie Holmes’ heart


Donald Trump and Melania Knauss met in 1999 at a fashion event. They broke up in 2000, and then reconciled. Donald proposed to Melania in 2004 and they got married in 2005 at the age of 58 and 30 respectively.


The celebrity wedding of Donald and Melania was not televised.


Nick Cannon, 27, and Mariah Carey, 38, finally stepped out as a married couple with their first appearance as man and woman at Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” event. They got tattoos to mark this occasion.


Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey attended “Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World” gala in New York City.



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